Responsive & Appealing Web Design can drastically Improve Your Online Business

Hard knock ventures boast of an experienced web designing team that facilitates the business growth.

Web designing includes multiple skills ranging from copyrighting, typography, and layer creation that are combined for design creation that looks attractive and works well. Web designing is not only about Photoshop as it combines several elements that help to achieve the goal. It is necessary to think strategically and create a master plan. Strategic web design is time-saving and makes the business hassle free.

The eCommerce Solutions and WordPress Websites aim at responsive design, usability, and attractive branding solutions that add a frame to your business.

Our dedicated team assists you whether you need a complicated eCommerce website or a simple WordPress website which will give a vision to your business.

Web Design Elements

Certain elements are essential for effective web designing.

Big Product Images

Large images of the product assist designers to focus on several product features effectively. This helps in highlighting the most valuable feature along with its benefits. Moreover, the big product images are easy to scan. The website visitors can understand a lot and know more by the images rather than words.

Semi-Flat Design

The website content can be quickly understood by flat design and some more elements can make it more effective. It is necessary to be consistent whether a website utilizes elements, shadows, or flat design. We ensure that the product page, homepage, and other website sections make use of the same design so that visitors can easily understand what they are looking for.

Card Design

Cards gained popularity with the demand for Pinterest. Now designers are fond of cards as individual cards assist in visual information distribution. Cards allow visitors to get knowledge about a specific topic. It is popular across websites as it gives chunks of information and using the card design also allows highlighting several solutions and products too. Card design should be responsive meaning that it is independent of the screen size and should adapt automatically as required.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile device offers more than 50% of web traffic and thus the only option left is to create a mobile compatible website. Responsive web design makes the website that is adaptable to give an adequate response to any device. Thus it creates a website that looks and functions great on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile.


Every website developed by Hardknock ventures makes use of responsive web design so that the websites can be accessed easily on any device. 




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